Status update


Today I saw…

Lone woman at a #café. Talking. Not loudly, but as though she was in conversation with someone. No, not on the phone. Ordered nothing. Dressed plainly, like how plain folks like me do. Had a tote #bag & an umbrella. #Shady. Later moves to a table where someone had left their tray. Ate the leftovers. She wasn’t chatting to herself anymore & read a newspaper. Café staff probably familiar with her, came & cleared the tray away. 10 mins later she moves to another table. #safety #security #crimes

Possibility 1: She’s harmless. Lonely old woman. Comes to the café for the air-conditioning.

Possibility 2: Shady person. Waiting for opportunities. Most people are clueless and careless; they leave their things unattended. Hence, she’s prepared with her tote bag.

Possibility 3: She’s in cahoots with another person….. Nah. I didn’t see anyone else that seemed off.

I did look straight at her. More than once. And she knows she’s been seen/noticed. 😉

Most likely it’s Possibility 1.

woman in a cafe
Low-res photo of a suspicious person in a cafe
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