photo of a brown box with the words Thank You For Your Purchase

The funny & not so funny story of my first @LazadaPH order.

If you buy a screen guard for the phone model (Sony M4 Aqua) they claim it is for, and the opening/hole for the front camera is on the wrong side… Can we say that was a good purchase?

Well, Lazada rejected my review.

The above was what I posted on Twitter.

I thought I’d add a little more info here on Status Update.

One way of saying what was wrong with the screen guard is that the camera hole is on the wrong side; or, that the adhesive is on the wrong side of the screen guard.

Must remember to never buy from that vendor again. They probably got their wares super cheap because factories knowingly sold them defective products.

Below are screenshots of my [first] review at the Lazada PH website, and their “Possible rejection reasons” which sound nothing at all like reasons. They’re saying sorry for the poor experience and that maybe a customer service representative will call me.

Okaaaaay… So they’re sorry. But then why reject my review? Are they not allowing truthful negative reviews? That’s a disservice to their current and future customers. Buyers and shoppers deserve to know, you know?

That’s the downside of shopping online. If I had gone to a brick-and-mortar store, I could have it opened and installed right then and there, and the store staff can see for themselves that the product is wrong. They can quickly fix things by giving me another one that’s correctly made, or they can do a quick refund.