Status update


I’ve created a new Mastodon account on 🔹 @evelynyap 🔹 in case goes poof.

I’ve been with since August 2018 and I picked it thinking it’d be one of the more stable instances, but… for the past couple of years it’s just been weird.

The Admin there was never responsive — even after the instance changed owners.

And now @pfx predicts the Fediverse may block it — probably due to The Admin not acting on creepy peeps. 🙄 *sigh*

Slowly moving over to…

Haven’t “moved” my Followers from to yet. I’m petty sure that’s irreversible. Taking it slow.

And I can’t migrate or move my old toots over to my new account on

It’s a good thing that I have a copy of my Twitter tweets and Mastodon toots here on my own personal website, eh? 😉

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