Status update


It’s Day 46 of our Enhanced Community Quarantine — that’s Day 48 if you start counting from the start of the original Community Quarantine — but it’s not totally wasted time.

I thank God I got something to do right now — video editing for our church. I get to volunteer pretty much every other week of this COVID-19 quarantine time. 🙏

Just got the files. It’s incomplete. I have the video files, but the producer has yet to send me the text to embed in the videos.

I could wait till I got everything then start editing, but I’ll fiddle with it now.

Screenshot of DaVinci Resolve edit page
Screenshot of a DaVinci Resolve window showing the viewer, timeline, etc.

Better than being glued to my pillow. ☝

Feels like all I’ve been doing the past couple of days is sleep. Yeah, they weren’t the best quarantine days for me. 🙄

Good thing I track my day so I can see that I only sleep, on average, a total of 4 to 5 hours each day. 👍 That’s my normal. 🙃

So, seeing that I’m not oversleeping, I’m not feeling too terrible about how these last couple of days went.

It would be bad if I slept 12 hours in one day, right?

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