Makulit over Twitter Tweets

Rio (Philippines) tweeted a lot of questions. Seriously, some people don’t know when to stop. I drew the line when he again asked for my email address.

These are tweets, many of which were via SMS, so I was cramming my answers into a 140-character space and some of these don’t seem to be in the right order because I didn’t read/reply right away.

Jun 16
@EvelynYap Hi! Aspiring photographer here. Can I send you email questions about the profession? Awaiting your reply. Thanks! 🙂

Hi, Rio. Just ask away. What do you want to know?

Jun 17
@EvelynYap Hi, thanks for the reply. I just want to ask how you started as a cruise photographer; were you already a photographer? 🙂

Jun 17
@EvelynYap And can hobbyists photographer get in &be a pro cruise photog?Just wanna know. Thinking of a possible new career in the future 🙂

Jun 19
@EvelynYap i only have amateur experience, joining my friends during weddings/ events. and i’m the “candid” photographer haha. is dat enuf?

Hobbyists can be pros anytime, anywhere on land. Whatever you do, don’t work for free. 😉 As for jobs on ships…

Need some experience & a portfolio. I was an amateur when I got the job, but that was 7 yrs ago. Try & ask Magsaysay.

Jun 19
@EvelynYap by amateur you mean you were a hobbyist? How long have you been shooting? And makes a good folio? 🙂 i wanna try.

Yup. Didn’t have much experience, really. Don’t go crazy about portfolio. Don’t need glamour. Just need good & sellable 😉

It makes sense to show people photos. To summarize, you need proof of photography training & experience, plus portfolio.

Jun 19
@EvelynYap magsaysay has a job fair this saturday. I only have the pics i took during my solo travel..

By the way, a reality check… Ship life is not for everyone. And it IS work. But I love it. 7 yrs & still here. 😉

Jun 19
@EvelynYap I’ve always wanted to be in a cruise ship since I rode one 😀 and i do mostly portraits 🙂

Basic is enough. Only the interviewer can say what’s good enough. It’s like any job application. Just go for it.

Again, reality check: It’s not a fairy tale life. If you wanna cruise, go cruise. If you want the job, be ready to work 😉

Jun 20
@EvelynYap haha, yep. I wanna see for myself how cruise life is when ur at the other side of the counter 🙂 thanks for the tips!

Good luck, Rio! 😀

Jun 20
@EvelynYap thank you for the inputs. i guess i have to produce more pictures to convince them 🙂 thanks! will update you 😀

When I applied years ago, yes. Don’t know how they’re doing it now though. Treat it like any job interview.

Jul 5
@EvelynYap okay. what kind of test was given to you? 🙂 just a small tip so i can prepare 😀 hehe thanks!

They won’t do the same tests again & again, for obvious reasons. And they don’t apply the same technique in other countries

Just be prepared to have your IQ tested, work experience discussed, motivation asked about, sanity tested (just kidding)…

Like I said, it’s just like any job application. Magsaysay should be briefing you about it & telling you the DOs & DON’Ts.

Ah yes, a really useful tip I can give: Behave yourself & follow instructions! Actually, it’s on my website if you read it.

Jul 8
@EvelynYap Hi. So normal tests, no practical dslr tests? Thanks for the tip. I will behave. Wish me luck! 🙂

Jul 24
@EvelynYap Hello. Just wanna say I got in 🙂 Now, any tips regarding getting the requirements? 🙂

Congratulations, Rio! 😀 Ano ka ba, tips ka ng tips diyan. Eh lahat ng kailangan mo ituturo naman ng Magsaysay. 😛

Ah yes. 1 big tip: Wherever you go (BIR, MARINA, medical, etc) always bring extra ID pics, black pen and… an umbrella! 😉

Jul 25
@EvelynYap thanks 🙂 im just worried about the solas. It takes 5 days, right? I have no more VLs haha

SOLAS is at least a week, if I remember right. Don’t miss a class. I hope you can float 1 minute without moving. Enjoy! 😉

Jul 25
@EvelynYap by float you mean float on my own or using a floatation device? I dunno how to swim or even treading 🙁

Jul 25
@EvelynYap do you have email so i can ask other questions? Hehe baka lang kay makabasa 🙂 thanks so much

– The End of Tweets –

I had to stop replying to Rio after that tweet. He wanted to move the conversation to email so he can ask questions that no one else could read. 😛