About traveling and being a nomad

On Thursday morning, the Agency sends me a text message saying to pick up my documents for my Friday appointment at VFS Global’s office at Ecoplaza in Makati. The Ecoplaza building is where the VFS offices are. Good thing #1 […]

Travel Visa Application via VFS Global

Working and living at sea, sailing from one itinerary to another, ending my day in one port and waking up the next day in another port (sometimes in a different country) — how in the world do I receive important […]

How I Get My Mail While Globetrotting

Rio (Philippines) isn’t done with his questions. 😀 After reading my latest posts, he tweeted… @EvelynYap Hi, miss evelyn. Long time! Just wanna say im waiting for ticket na lang 🙂 any tips if soft or hard luggage dalhin ko? […]

Soft Luggage or Hard Luggage?