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Questions about getting a job and working as a cruise ship photographer

How To Become A Cruise Ship Photographer – Introduction

Updated July 2014. Tweaked and edited August 2018. So… You want to work as a cruise ship photographer, eh? Let

How much can I earn as a ship photographer?

Oooh… I hate questions about money. 🙁 But okay, I’ll give you an answer.  The assumption here is that you’re

What are your tasks as a photographer working on a ship?

Besides the obvious which is shooting or taking pictures, as a ship photographer, part of the job is to man

Is it true that I need a certificate from TESDA to work as a cruise ship photographer?

No.  Absolutely not true. You do not need a certificate from TESDA.  TESDA has nothing to do with the hiring

Is there a weight limit for cruise ship photographers?

Interesting question. As far as I know, neither the company nor the agency (nor cruise lines) have spelled out any