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Is there a gym for crew on ships?

Ashley H. (USA) asks, Do they have a staff exercise room on most ships? Yup. All the ships that I’ve

Moving onto a ship, how much to bring and how to decide?

Ashley H. (USA) asks, How do you move onto a ship??? I feel like it’s leaving for college all over

What is your workload like? Do you have days off?

Ashley H. (USA) says, The info that I’ve found so far says that, for the most part, photogs work 6-7

How much can I earn as a ship photographer?

Oooh… I hate questions about money. 🙁 But okay, I’ll give you an answer.  The assumption here is that you’re

What are your tasks as a photographer working on a ship?

Besides the obvious which is shooting or taking pictures, as a ship photographer, part of the job is to man

Is there a weight limit for cruise ship photographers?

Interesting question. As far as I know, neither the company nor the agency (nor cruise lines) have spelled out any