I submitted my resumé and was told that my application is “under investigation”.

Chris (Philippines) wrote and texted:

Hi… I walked in Magsaysay and submitted my resume, they measure my height and weight and then they told me that my apps is under investigation.

Under investigation? Strange. Were you interviewed? Was there a test? It takes time. Maybe months. Don’t quit your job yet. Follow up.

Oh you’re real. I never thought that you’re going to reply. Yes, they said that my application is under investigation. I don’t have any criminal records and I know I am qualified… I just walked in and submitted my application to the front desk clerk… I waited for about 20 minutes then the front desk girl told me that my application is under investigation and I will receive a call from them.

Yes I’m real. 🙂 The docs are for later after you pass the interview and proceed to get a seaman’s book. Never heard of application being under investigation.

… I saw the job hiring ad and the hiring date was August 15, 2013 to November 15, 2013, so that means they are still hiring. When I applied I followed your [advice]… They didn’t check that, just the resumé.

Yes, they’re always hiring. But getting an assignment can be slow. So don’t quit your job yet…

It’s possible you have the same name as an ex-crew. Hence, the investigation.

Maybe that’s why. Do I need to go there again to follow up my application? Or just wait here for a few months?

Give them a couple of weeks. That should be enough time for them to “investigate”. If still no feedback then you might want to call and follow up.