They say a picture paints a thousand words. I therefore present here a picture of an actual timesheet of mine from way back in 2012. Why a photo from 2012? Because I don’t have a more recent one. I don’t […]

How many hours do Cruise Ship Photographers work?

Info as of February 2016 As of this writing, “The MARINA enforces strict rules for personal appearance. All seafarers… must appear physically at the MARINA… for image capturing.” So the Agency tells me to visit the Training Center where I […]

Getting your COP at the MARINA

The Third Step: Becoming A Seafarer Basic Training (BT) a.k.a. Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) In the Philippines, to leave the country and go work as a seafarer, it is required to undergo basic training.  All over the world, […]

How To Become A Cruise Ship Photographer – The 3rd ...

Rio (Philippines) isn’t done with his questions. 😀 After reading my latest posts, he tweeted… @EvelynYap Hi, miss evelyn. Long time! Just wanna say im waiting for ticket na lang 🙂 any tips if soft or hard luggage dalhin ko? […]

Soft Luggage or Hard Luggage?

For those who wrote to me and asked about how to pack, this is in addition to my replies to you. I just thought about it now… Have you heard the saying “If you want to keep it, keep it […]

If You Want To Keep It, Keep It With You