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DFA Passport Renewal 2019. Forget expedited processing.

Are you planning on getting your Philippine passport done soon? If you’re reading this anytime around March 2019...

NBI Clearance Renewal 2019 at the Quezon City Hall

I got my NBI Clearance at the NBI's Quezon City Hall branch and the process was pretty smooth. :-)

Cruise Ship Photographer required job qualifications

This post is an update to a question I answered on Twitter: Do I need job experience to work as

DFA Passport Renewal 2019 — for OFWs and Seafarers

(Info as of 2019) What OFWs and Seafarers should know about the DFA's Courtesy Lane for Passport Renewal...

Travel Visa Application via VFS Global

On Thursday morning, the Agency sends me a text message saying to pick up my documents for my Friday appointment

Getting your COP at the MARINA

Info as of February 2016 As of this writing, “The MARINA enforces strict rules for personal appearance. All seafarers… must