Who in the world is Evelyn Yap?

Evelyn Yap is a common name.

According to the US Census Bureau, 0.322% of US residents have the first name ‘Evelyn’ and 0.0015% have the surname ‘Yap’. The US has around 300 million residents, so we guesstimate there are 14 Americans who go by the name ‘Evelyn Yap’.


That’s just in the U.S.A.  Anyway, the above data is really old.

On the internet, a search will yield a lot of people named Evelyn Yap.

In my corner of the world, I’ve encountered or heard/read about at least 3 women named Evelyn Yap:

  • one was a much older Filipina lady at the SSS office who happened to be there for her SSS ID the same day that I was;
  • one’s the mom of a co-worker’s friend; and,
  • either one person with multiple cases, or two persons with individual cases involving money issues that I discovered while I was trying to get my first credit card.  The bank found derogatory records of my namesake/s and was asking me to prove that I’m not her/them.  Proof is simple:  I was too young to have a checking account in the years that the cases were filed against her/them.

So who is this Evelyn?

Just one of billions of humans inhabiting planet Earth.  Another pilgrim passing through.

This Evelyn is, you could say, a bit of a nomad.  Here today, there tomorrow.  Though not exactly a true blue nomad like those others that you read about.  She calls it her Turtle Shell lifestyle.  She tries to not keep too many material possessions with her.  How much can a turtle carry anyway?

And what is

The website is Evelyn’s little piece of virtual real estate — something to tinker with once in a while, but not too often.  She finds that being online eats up too much of her time.  Far better to go out and get some sun or rain.  They’re free, and all-natural.