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The Cruising Shutterbug. Photographer. Video editor. Nomad. Chinese material, made in the Philippines, God's property. Here now, there tomorrow.

small potted jade plant
A 2-minute interview with Zenny. An exercise in Documentary Filmmaking, video editing by Evelyn Yap.

THE INTERVIEW with Zenny   Updated !

A 2-minute video edited by Evelyn Yap, made as part of a workshop on Video Editing at the SHOOT! Practical Videography School.

THE WEAVER as edited by Evelyn   Updated !

photo of a brown box with the words Thank You For Your Purchase
The funny & not so funny story of my first @LazadaPH order. If you buy a screen guard for the phone model (Sony M4 Aqua) they claim it is for, […]

Dear #smallbiz & #bloggers, if you rely on #Facebook for business / exposure / traffic, this is what interested people might find after clicking your URL from a search. And […]

Hoy hice una pequeña presentación sobre Mastodon en nuestro Spanish Language Meetup… en español! 😃 Leí mi presentación. 🤓 Fue compuesto con la ayuda de Microsoft Translator. Oye, todavía estoy […]

I was scheduled for a job interview (via a Zoom call) and they cancelled (via email) 15 minutes before the appointment time. Hmm… Yeah. I should’ve checked my email 14 […]

photo of writing on the wall
#BlackScoopCafe The writing on the wall: “Dear people who don’t drink coffee,… How???” “Change the world.Start with coffee.” ☕ “Coffee is always a good idea.”

Dear women, Why wear sleeveless outfits and then complain about your large arms? How about not showing off what you don’t like showing off? How about wearing clothes that actually […]