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Evelyn answers your questions about working on cruise ships as a Photographer, about life as a Seafarer, and about Travel.

For about a decade now, I’d been maintaining two different WordPress installations because I wanted a clear distinction between my main personal site and a site that I had created […]

Merging two WordPress websites

On Thursday morning, the Agency sends me a text message saying to pick up my documents for my Friday appointment at VFS Global’s office at Ecoplaza in Makati. The Ecoplaza […]

Travel Visa Application via VFS Global

Why did I — a little nomad who is neither a writer nor a blogger — write the series called “Work as Cruise Ship Photographer (Pinoy Edition)” and “How To […]

@KrishnaprasadHa asks: Hello Madam, Am looking for job as cruise Photographer. Am from India and can you suggest me the agencies who hire from India ? @EvelynYap replies: Hello @KrishnaprasadHa. […]

Working and living at sea, sailing from one itinerary to another, ending my day in one port and waking up the next day in another port (sometimes in a different […]

How I Get My Mail While Globetrotting