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“The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology … raised the status … to an Alert Level 4 late Sunday, local time, indicating a hazardous eruption is possible within hours to […]

Ring flash or ring lights are overrated. 🙄 They are indeed great for certain styles of photography. Now… I’d like to watch your video and hear what you have to […]

Happy me 😃

January 2020. Week 2. Progress report for my goals this year 2020. Make #100CrappyVideos >> 4 videos completed so far ✔ Shoot more photos >> Nil. Phone camera snapshots don’t […]

Boya wired lavalier microphone
Yay! The store replaced the defective Boya wired lavalier microphone that I bought a month ago, after I had my first video gig. I thought they were going to give […]

Building and maintaining a website
Passwords aren’t enough. WordPress security plugins are a must. If you use WordPress for your website, then you’re in luck because there are a good variety of WordPress security plugins. […]

jade plant with no wrinkled leaves
I am pleased to report that my jade plant is looking better wrinkle-wise, one week after watering. It’s not 100% yet, comparing to when I first got it, when it […]

Shoot with passion
My goals for 2020 are to make #100CrappyVideos, take more photos, work in video editing, build my business and improve my Spanish. Mis propositós para 2020 son hacer 100 vídeos, […]

My goals for the year 2020 :-)   Updated !

jade plant in a cup holder attached to a car air vent
Got out of the house and took my jade plant out for a ride with me so it can get more sun. I bought a car air vent cup holder […]