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Coffee is one of life's great perks.
“Coffee is one of life’s great perks.” I agree. 😃 #costa #cafe #coffee

I sent my CV to a Virgin Group company. I can dream, can’t I? 😉 😊 🙏 #jobs #work #employment

Had a lovely afternoon with an old co-worker. Last time I saw her was 5 years ago. Our little get-together over coffee became 5 hours of coffee + malling + […]

Photo of bibingka (Filipino rice pancake) and coffee in a Bibingkinitan branded paper cup
Bummer. My favorite budget snack place is gone. 😱 😭 ’twas replaced by an Oppo (smartphone) pop-up thingy — because apparently their two-door concept store and a couple of booths […]

Learning #Spanish. #Duolingo says to use “odio” in a sentence. Got some help with Microsoft #Translator… Odio cuando la gente ve videos con sonidos fuertes en sus teléfonos celulares. ¡Deben […]

Hanging out at a lounge. There’s this woman having a conversation on her cellphone… She’s got the phone to her ear but it’s actually on speakerphone mode. So everyone in […]

Just discovered that within the last couple of months, a Healthy Options supplement went from Php785 to Php850. 😶 Why? Peso doing alright lately. I guess that’s to cover the […]

Photo of reusable stainless steel straws, a pouch, and a toothbrush case extended to hold the straws
Very pleased with myself. I’m not a #DIY kind of gal, but I managed a li’l #hack: Transformed a Colgate toothpaste case into a #straw holder by adding a section […]

Partial image of an H&M voucher for their garment recycling campaign
I brought a bag of my old clothes to H&M for recycling and got me a voucher for 15% discount off one item. Grooooovy! 😎 #DiggingUpBones#cleanup #minimalism #fashion#HMgarmentcollecting #Philippines#reduce #reuse […]