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Photo of two separate fires in the city
Oh no. Two fires in separate locations. Happening right now. 😢 #Philippines #QuezonCity #fire

Banana Chocolate Chia Cookie
So… This is the new Banana Chocolate Chia Cookie of #Starbucks. Very good. 👍 A whole lot better than their Banana Bread which was no good at all. 😋 Pardon […]

I drove about 28km x 2. For what? Nada. 😶 I drove the distance because I couldn’t get a response via phone. The guy I encountered a month ago stopped […]

Avengers Endgame movie poster
Last night I finally got to watch #Marvel #Avengers #EndGame on the big screen. And… I ain’t telling you nothing about it. 😋 Somebody came and gave away some gummy […]

photo of a meal with meat, rice and eggs
I keep telling myself I’m going to start eating #healthy, i.e. more #veggies and less #cholesterol-contributing #foods. But almost always I end up ordering something like this. Today’s brunch was […]

And they took my blood again… The results better be good this time. 🤞😐 #health

Bummer. Had a #car #accident this evening. 😵 A not so little car 🚗 versus a very large bus 🚍. It looked bad. But it wasn’t really that* bad. Except […]

So about 20~25 minutes ago, at around 17:11, there was an #earthquake in #Manila #Philippines. A sidewayzee and up-and-downy earthquake. Interesting. Lasted for quite a bit. 😶 Strong mag. 6.0 […]

“UV rays get to you spring, summer, fall and winter, UVA ☀️ penetrates windows, and indoor lights 💡 cause melasma and other dark spots. Plus, the damage is cumulative.” If […]