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What I did today… Attended a food photography workshop. Pretty good. Glad I went. 😃👍 Still don’t know if I want to get into food photography as a job though. […]

😃 Finished my first video editing [volunteer] work all on my own. Quite pleased with myself. Mission accomplished! 💃

Traffic today was kinda horrific. But I’d say it was a good day. 😀 💃 I wasn’t late for my meeting. 💃 Nice and encouraging conversation with old schoolmate while […]

Today is going well so far. Had a lovely lunch with old schoolmates. Remembered that I’m entitled to a free Starbucks cake, and claimed it. And… A pleasant little surprise: […]

I was out and about with head geekette Charo and we decided to check out the new Slimmers World Elite gym at the mall. How is it different from the […]

You know, all this being in touch with a bazillion people regardless of the distance between us is fine and dandy. But it doesn’t, and can never, truly replace an […]

I don’t understand writers or bloggers who don’t show the date of when their posts were written or published — as if what they wrote will never go out of […]

Writers write.Composers compose.Painters paint.Workers work. What you do to a great extent defines what you become and, in turn, what you are gives rise to what you do. When what […]

About 7 years ago my niece wanted a #camera of her own. They asked for my opinion and I didn’t want them paying for a brand new low-end #DSLR (like […]