In the cesspool that is Facebook… A 🧔 : [re-posts a Tulfo post with no details of what transpired, regarding a doctor that they’re shaming for allegedly being an axxxxxx]F […]

I’d been searching for an affordable removable dash cam after my Monday Ugh Moment last week. I wanted a way to be able to review a driving 🚘 incident and, […]

I came home from a Christmas party on Saturday night with a couple of nice prizes. One of them was an uber sleek Mi LED Desk Lamp. Mi is the […]

To anyone interested, I have invites for keybase.io. Just zap me a Direct Message on Twitter. 😉

Keybase.io Invitations

Once upon a time, in a world not surreal… Emirates to Google: Passenger 21H on this flight has just checked in online. Here is the QR code for her boarding […]

Adata HD710 1TB external hard drive
I’ve outgrown my old 320GB Maxtor OneTouch hard drive and got me a 1TB Adata HD710 external hard drive. It’s reasonably priced and is supposed to be waterproof, shockproof, high-speed […]

Who needs waterproof hard drives anyway…

[A slightly shorter version of this post also appears on my Facebook timeline.] Everyone, I urge you to be proactive. Whenever you receive spam SMS or nuisance calls, spare a […]

Fight SPAM, Fight SCAMS

What to do with my ancient netbook… My little Acer Aspire One netbook is about 7 years old now — so old, its OS was Windows XP. Now that my […]

Installing Linux on My Old Netbook