Just snapshots. Photos of this and that from here and there.

About 7 years ago my niece wanted a #camera of her own. They asked for my opinion and I didn’t want them paying for a brand new low-end #DSLR (like […]

I had a nice big (buffet) #lunch with the family. I ate so much. It’s #dinner time now and I’m still not hungry. 😀

Trying out a new #coffee place — Coffee Project — (even if there’s a #Starbucks store right next door). I looked it up in #Google #Maps before leaving home and […]

I had chicken a la king meal today. Been a long time. I remember it used to be that the chicken and pastry shell were double this amount, and the […]

spaghetti al pomodoro
I gave in to #pasta cravings. This one’s actually good for 2 people. Yeah, I ate it all. 😋 I’m making myself feel better by saying this Spaghetti Al Pomodoro […]

A food buffet
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. 🍾🍷 Lunch was buffet style. Again. 😋 Different place this time. Much better than before. More food variety. More reasonably priced […]

Photo of two separate fires in the city
Oh no. Two fires in separate locations. Happening right now. 😢 #Philippines #QuezonCity #fire

Banana Chocolate Chia Cookie
So… This is the new Banana Chocolate Chia Cookie of #Starbucks. Very good. 👍 A whole lot better than their Banana Bread which was no good at all. 😋 Pardon […]

Avengers Endgame movie poster
Last night I finally got to watch #Marvel #Avengers #EndGame on the big screen. And… I ain’t telling you nothing about it. 😋 Somebody came and gave away some gummy […]