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Crappy Video #010 Watch and Learn
Featured in this video: Director EJ Mijares Albert Nielsen Bigornia a random stray cat ⚠️ Shot with 3 different crappy #cameras. ✅ NEW intro and slightly edited outro ✅ Play […]

CRAPPY VIDEO #10 | Watch and Learn   Updated !

Crappy Video #8 Going for a drive and volunteering
Some video I shot failed. 😕 So instead of this being a video about volunteering, it became mostly about driving with just a wee bit of volunteer stuff. This is […]

CRAPPY VIDEO #008 | Going for a drive

Coffee is one of life's great perks.
Wow. Today’s been a pretty nice day. 😃 Attended a new Meetup group in the afternoon that left me feeling good and hopeful. Learned a few things. So glad I […]

Taal Volcano spewed out a good deal of ash yesterday… Right now the only real trouble for us in Metro Manila is the ashfall. We can avoid it. We’re safe […]

“The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology … raised the status … to an Alert Level 4 late Sunday, local time, indicating a hazardous eruption is possible within hours to […]

Ring flash or ring lights are overrated. 🙄 They are indeed great for certain styles of photography. Now… I’d like to watch your video and hear what you have to […]

Happy me 😃