CRAPPY VIDEO #013 | Sketching Art Workshop


I was at a free 1-hour SKETCHING art workshop by Filipino artist/sculptor Arnel Borja, held at the East Wing of the Estancia Mall.

The workshop was open to the public. I don’t consider myself artistic at all, but I’m glad I went. I think I’ll look out for more activities like this and try to attend if I can. 😊

I had not planned to do any video recording when I went. Fortunately, we all have a camera in our pockets, built right into our smartphones. So yes, I had the tool needed to film another crappy video.

What’s different:

  • INTRO is now even shorter, because I finally let go of the part that says “To avoid disappointment, lower your expectations…” 💬
  • different background MUSIC 🎵

What’s not different:

  • I again used my old Sony smartphone 📱 to record the video. Yeah, not good.

So strange that the camera on a Sony phone could be so crappy and problematic. 🙄

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