Cruise Ship Photographer required job qualifications

This post is an update to a question I answered on Twitter: Do I need job experience to work as a photographer on ships?

Don’t worry, that’s not required reading. If you don’t care to read the post linked above, that’s just fine because the answer to Pia’s question is a simple YES. You definitely do need work experience.

Job qualifications required by some Principals through their Manning Agencies are as follows:

Must have at least 2 years work experience related to photography in Cruise, Hotel, Resort or Reputable Studio Photo Shop;

Last work experience should not be more than 2 years ago;

Must have a passport valid for at least 24 months;

No visible body tattoo (arms, neck, legs, nape etc.)

Source: MMC for Image and TED

Must have at least 1 year work experience as a Photographer or freelance work related to photography in Cruise ships, Hotels, Resorts or Reputable Studio Photo Shops;

et cetera.

Source: MMC for Costa

Diploma in photography an advantage and/or 1 year of industry experience;

Fit & Healthy (emergency duty responsibilities);

Fluent in English;

et cetera. 

Source: Glassdoor for TSP