A Dash Cam for The Cruising Shutterbug


I’d been searching for an affordable removable dash cam after my Monday Ugh Moment last week.

I wanted a way to be able to review a driving 🚘 incident and, perhaps, use it as a quick impartial witness, rather than waiting and hoping to get a copy of public CCTV footage which may get stuck or delayed in red tape. 🙄

Dash cams currently range in price from Php 2,000 to 10,000. But due to the fact that I don’t actually own a car and only drive other people’s cars, it only makes sense that I pick one that doesn’t involve any semi-permanent installation. Unfortunately, a decent and clean-removable cam is hard to find.

So I have to settle for using a smartphone app 📱 to be my dash cam 📹. Fortunately, these things do exist, with Smart Crash Sensor even! 😮

The downside though is that sometimes my phone charges slower than its energy depletion — e.g. when I’m using it for navigation, with the screen turned on, during daytime, which means the screen is set to bright.

I’ve downloaded AutoBoy Dash Cam and will be trying it the next time I’m out and about. I hope it works well. 🤞

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