Enhanced Community Quarantine is extended


Enhanced Community Quarantine 😷 for Metro Manila — the Philippines’ National Capital Region (NCR) — has been extended another 2 weeks, till 15 May 2020.

That’d be a total of 2 months of community quarantine.

I don’t mind. We need it. ☝

Honestly, I’m pleased with how our government has been handling this pandemic situation. 👍🏻

It’s hard for some people, for sure. But this virus is vicious. It really is for the greater good, and our government has been working hard to extend help to the masses too.

I personally don’t get to benefit from any of those. I know, it’s weird, and can feel rather unfair. But I’ll be fine — God takes care of all my needs. 🙏 (And don’t write to me to argue about that. It won’t change the fact that He provides for all my needs. 😜)

As long as this bug is squashed and people stop getting sick and don’t die from this coronavirus, then it’s all good… for all of us.

The economy can be fixed.

The country can recover.

Our neighbors and allies can send us aid.

But people’s lives… if they die, you can’t fix that. People need to survive this, first and foremost. It’s a no-brainer.

I don’t understand how in one particular first-world country the state governments and their people are wanting businesses to operate again, while their COVID-19 cases are on the rise.

Oh. My. Goodness.
It’s suicide.

I really hope they come to their senses.
For their own sake.

error: Ps 27:1