Fight SPAM, Fight SCAMS

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Everyone, I urge you to be proactive. Whenever you receive spam SMS or nuisance calls, spare a minute to help fight spam…

I am doubtful of Globe’s efforts (Totoo ba ‘yan?) and it appears Sun and Smart are making zero effort (Wala talaga.)

A simple thing YOU can do is…

REPORT all phone numbers of Spammers and Scammers:

    • No need to enter your personal details.
    • Users of their Android app will benefit from the crowd-sourced database of spammers, scammers and nuisance callers.
    • Be sure to select the correct country, e.g. for Philippines.
    • You can enter the number in any format — i.e. +63999####### or 0999####### or 999#######.
    • You don’t need to use the app to report spammers, just use their website.
    • The app is FREE.
    • No need to enter your personal details.
    • Enter the complete phone number, e.g. +632#######.
    • To see any Notes entered by other people, use the “notes” link on the Menu (left column).
    • If you have any additional information to share, type it into the “Share info about this number” text box. Click “Preview”, then “Post”.
    • You must enter your details and will have the option to attach a screenshot.
    • You can only report spammers with Globe or TM mobile numbers.

Don’t just report the origin of the SMS. Report also ALL PHONE NUMBERS CONTAINED WITHIN THE SMS MESSAGE. Usually the originating number is just a disposable dummy.

To help only yourself, you can use a call/SMS filter app that doesn’t have a public online database. You simply add numbers to the app’s blacklist (on your phone) as they come.

  • Calls Blacklist app by Vlad Lee on Google Play Store for Android phones
    • It can block calls and SMS on Android Lollipop. I use this myself. It works.
    • It’s FREE, but feel free to support the developer. πŸ˜‰
    • The nice part about this app is that you can have a backup copy usable outside of the app — it saves all blacklist numbers to a plain text file “blacklist.txt”. As of this writing, I have over a hundred Philippine spammers’ numbers on my blacklist. I can send it to you if you want it. Just copy-and-paste. Append my list to your blacklist.txt then “Load from file”. πŸ™‚
  • Call & SMS Filter app by Melon Mobile for Symbian phones
    • Works on my old Nokia E5.
    • It’s not free. I forgot the price but it really works and is totally worth the money.

You might say that the best way to deal with spam and unsolicited calls is to ignore them and do nothing. Nope. That’s the easiest way, not the best way.

Kung makakatulong ka sa iba, at di ka gagastos o papawisan o mapapahamak… Bakit hindi?

Kung may oras kang magpatuyo ng utak sa Candy Crush at Angry Birds at mga telenobela, siguro naman…

And if you’ve ever had a nuisance creepy caller ringing you up 10 times in one day, you’ll realize the power of stopping them after the very first nuisance call. You never even ever have to look at the log of blocked calls/SMS .

Remember: Evil men succeed in their schemes because the good are a bunch of lazy wimps.

Ay, tama ba? Teka. Take two: Evil men prosper because the good do nothing.

Ngayon, kung gusto mong magpabiktima forever… Well… Enjoy πŸ˜›

N.B.: To those who actually know me, you know it’s not my style to ask people to share posts. But do share this one. Hopefully someone out there will benefit.

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