How to reach Evelyn

Evelyn is a bit of a nomad.  She goes where the good Lord takes her – which is pretty much anywhere her current residence takes her.  From mid-November 2013 till July 2014, her home will be a ship that sails around Europe, South America, the Pacific islands and a few U.S. ports.

To know her whereabouts, check out


Mobile Phone

You can reach Evelyn through her UK mobile or through her old Globe PH mobile which she’s had since 1996.  If you don’t already have that number, worry not for you need it not.  If you already have that number, then consider yourself a little bitty special. 😉

Note that Evelyn shall be unreachable while on duty.

Alternatively, you can leave a voice message or send SMS to her Google Voice number.

The World Wide Web

In the online world, Evelyn can be reached via Twitter @EvelynYap and via Google +EvelynYapPH (where messages are public).

For those who personally know Evelyn, she can also be reached through Skype and WeChat. To add or find Evelyn on WeChat, use her Globe PH number.

If you send your message via Twitter as a Mention or @-Reply to Evelyn, your message will be received — whether she is with or without internet access.

Now don’t feel too bad if she’s slow to reply – she’s a bit of a turtle. 😛

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