How to reach Evelyn

Evelyn is a bit of a nomad.  She goes where the good Lord takes her, which is pretty much anywhere her current residence takes her… which would be a seagoing vessel sailing this way and that.

Mobile Phone

You can reach Evelyn through phone, if you already have her number. 😉

The World Wide Web

In the public online world, Evelyn can be reached via Twitter @EvelynYap and via Mastodon

Don’t try to find her on Facebook. Some people have. They got lucky and actually found her. The thing is, even if you do manage to find her account amongst the many people named Evelyn Yap, she rarely logs in to FB.

She can also be reached through

Now don’t feel bad if she’s slow to reply — she’s a bit of a turtle. 😛

N.B.: Whatever you do, remember that nothing is perfectly private and secure, and that the internet is forever.