Improved my Crappy Video #4 by adding proper subtitles/captions


A simple way to add subtitles or captions

Oh wow! 😮 I just discovered how to add my own proper subtitles or captions right on YouTube Studio!

As in, not text embedded in the original video file like what I did for THE INTERVIEW — although I really wanted it that way for that particular video so that people see the words regardless of what device they’re using and whether they have Captions turned on or not.

Like reeeeeally legitimate YouTube subtitles!

Now I know that DaVinci Resolve can do subtitles, but I hadn’t learned the process of creating a video with subtitles yet.

Like, do I create the .srt file separately when I render the video? And how do I get that separate into YouTube when I upload my video?

So glad that YouTube Studio provides a simple, user-friendly, easy-for-dummies way for me to do subtitles or captions, without having to download or learn another piece of software.

I added not just Spanish subtitles but included English translations with it. (I know that I can, and probably should, do them separately, but I really wanted them to appear together.)

Oh my goodness. I’m so pleased with myself right now! 🤣

CRAPPY VIDEO #004 – Mi presentación en español

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