An Introverts Network


Today, for the first time, I attended an online meetup of the Introverts Network Asia (INA) via the Zoom video chat app.

I stumbled upon it while browsing, and checked out the INA website.

Introverts Network Asia was birthed in Singapore by founder Mervin Yeo. It is a professional networking platform for introverts that aims to provide them with networking, training, mentoring and self-development programs.


So I signed up. 🙂

Currently, the group has many introvert members across four Asian countries — Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

But today’s online meetup was a very manageable and cozy group of 8 participants with the founder, the country representative for the Philippines, some old members, and a couple of us newcomers.

Screenshot of the participants at the online meetup via Zoom

Of course, this is not how they normally do their gatherings.

But then it’s April 2020 and, because of the novel corona virus pandemic, many of us are on Enhanced Community Quarantine, Lockdown, or Circuit Breaker (as they call it in Singapore).

They’re planning another online meetup for Tuesday. I think I’ll join them. 🙂

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