Is there a weight limit for cruise ship photographers?

Interesting question.

As far as I know, neither the company nor the agency (nor cruise lines) have spelled out any acceptable or unacceptable weight or body mass for their photographers or crew.

What I can tell you is that cruise ship photographers come in different shapes and sizes – from the very petite to the giants.  I have not worked with anyone who is extremely obese with obesity-related health issues, I’ll tell you that.  Having worked several contracts, on different ships, with different cruise lines, I have worked with many photogs who can be classified or described as:

  • petite – short and thin, but able to move fast and very capable of doing all aspects of the job, including lifting medium to heavy loads
  • short
  • medium-sized
  • plump or pudgy – as how one photog described herself
  • skinny and tall
  • medium and tall
  • big-boned and really tall – like giants!


The main thing is to be able to do the different functions of a cruise ship photographer, to be healthy and fit enough for work and travel.

Needless to say, regardless of what job you decide to get into, it’s best to have a healthy weight and be physically fit.  I wouldn’t worry so much about what the weighing scale says, or what experts say is the normal range for your height.  Skinny doesn’t mean healthier or more fit.  Heavier doesn’t mean less healthy or less fit. 😉