Miami Art Cafe, Miami FL

Shutterbug: Evelyn Yap

Shutterbox: a not-so-awesome mobile phone camera

Post-shutter processing: nil

What a find! It was raining hard when I came out of Ross and decided to have lunch at the nearby Miami Art Cafe. ‘Tis a nice, cozy little place in downtown Miami, not far from the shuttle drop off and about a block away from the post office and Starbucks. They got bagel, quiche, wraps, crepes, pasta, soups…

The food is good. The coffee is good. The service is good. The free WiFi is good. The music ain’t bad either.

N.B.: The Cruising Shutterbug was here pretty much every week while assigned to work on board the Norwegian Sky which docked in Miami twice a week. ‘Tis her favorite food place in Miami! 🙂

Photo of the art displayed at Miami Art Cafe
Miami Art Cafe
Photo of breakfast combo #2 at Miami Art Cafe
Breakfast Combo #2 at Miami Art Cafe
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