Moving onto a ship, how much to bring and how to decide?

Ashley H. (USA) asks,

How do you move onto a ship??? I feel like it’s leaving for college all over again! I mean, clothing, personal items, equipment…how much are you allowed to bring and how do you decide?

Just like any kind of travel.

Remember, you’ll most likely have to fly so think about luggage restrictions. Then there’s limited cabin space, which is shared. Travel light. You might decide to buy a few things during your contract. Imagine how you’ll bring them all home.

Don’t bring the unnecessary. But if there’s something that, if you didn’t bring with you, you’ll end up buying another (like a laptop) then just bring it. Multiple DSLRs? Probably not. I left my Nikon D80 at home. One D7000 is enough. 😉

I pretty much just live out of 2 pieces of check-in luggage (1 medium-sized, 1 expandable small) and 1 carry-on backpack.

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