My first video gig


Finally! I got a video gig as shooter for a corporate shoot. 😃

Yes, they actually paid me.

At the end of my first video gig, I got a free Arcy rootbeer.
At the end of my first video gig, I relaxed with a free Arcy rootbeer.

And the first thing I did after getting my pay was go to the mall and get myself a Boya wired lavalier microphone BY-M1.

Boya BY-M1 wired lavalier microphone box
Boya BY-M1 wired lavalier microphone


Because I didn’t have a proper microphone yet and I almost didn’t get the job because of it. Really.

The director’s requirements for the video shooter were simple:

  • have own video camera
  • have own tripod
  • have own wired lavalier microphone

I didn’t have a wired lav mic yet.

Fortunately, a classmate of mine was willing to lend me his wireless lav mic.

After much discussion with our teacher (who was helping the director find a video shooter, and was reluctant and concerned that the only mic available was wireless), our teacher decided that both my classmate and I would do the shoot.

And that was how I got my first video gig.


I later did a little Behind The Scenes video to thank the director and my fellow videographer.

A little behind-the-scenes from my first video gig

Related status update: They replaced the defective Boya microphone.

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