Crew Shoes and Uniform

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Thank you soo much for replying 🙂 You don’t know how happy I am when I saw your email. .. , … … … , … … … , … … … , … … …
I’ll definitely follow your advise with travel light 🙂 and contemplating in proper clothes to bring. Just a question, do I need to buy aqua shoes already? Even though it’s my first time? For the black shoes, what type of shoes would that be? Is it like school shoes without strap and heels? If you have a photo and wouldn’t be much of a trouble for you — can I see? I am a size 10 for black shoes, and it will be hard for me to find one 🙁 And I think the white dress shirt will be provided by Princess.

Aqua shoes are not required.

For the black shoes, pick comfortable flat closed shoes. That means closed at the toes, at the sides and at the ankles. Also, even the lowest heels will kill you, so stick to flat. Being a photog means long hours on your feet. The shoes should also ideally not have any loud logos. Stay on the safe side — some cruise line are stricter than others.

[Updated 01 June 2016]

I recommend you visit Payless Shoe Source. You’ve probably seen it in the larger malls around Metro Manila. Look for “safeTstep” or “Lower East Side”. They are ideal for ship crew — i.e. easy on the feet as well as oil- and slip-resistant. Another brand that is suitable for ship crew is “Shoes for Crews”, but I don’t think you’ll find that anywhere in Manila.

I know I’ll get the uniform when I’m already onboard. But, how will I know if that would perfectly fit me? Sorry, please enlighten me.

Thank you again Ms. Evelyn.

As for the uniform, they should be asking you for your size weeks before you fly to your assignment.

That’s why I say black and white are good colors to have, because if they mess up the delivery or size of your uniform, there’s hope in looking decent at work. Hmm… Having said that, I really don’t know the colors of the Princess Cruises photog uniform.