Receiving a parcel via Philippine Postal Service (PHLpost)

A quick #NoteToSelf…

Evelyn Yap 葉美華 ‏@EvelynYap Mar 7
Finally got my parcel! #NoteToSelf No need to wait for Notice from QCPO. If mail is @ PH, call to get Proof Of Dispatch then go pick up 😉

Here’s the story…

I was waiting for a piece of registered mail from Hongkong. Tracking the parcel, I could see at the PHLpost website that it has arrived in the Philippines. But no Notice came.

The Notice is a piece of index card-sized paper that the Philippine Postal Service sends to inform you that your mail is ready for pickup. You bring it to the post office to pick up your mail.

Weeks went by and still no Notice. Emailing and tweeting PHLpost was absolutely useless. They were not even responding. Needless to say, I was not pleased with PHLpost. On Twitter I could see that I was not the only one having problems with not receiving any Notice and not getting any response from PHLpost. Calling and getting through their hotline wasn’t easy. Waiting time was quite long.

One day, finally, I got through their hotline.

And I learned something very useful…

Pay attention now…

I gave the person on the phone my tracking number and she did confirm that my parcel was already at the Quezon City Post Office.

I told her that I’d been waiting for the Notice so I could go pick up my parcel.

She then dictated to me the Proof of Dispatch (which is a bunch of letters and numbers) and instructed me to go straight to the post office with that information.

So I went to QCPO and showed the Proof of Dispatch information at the window. The lady at the window wrote me a Notice on the spot and I proceeded to pickup my parcel.

Mission accomplished! 😀

So now I know.

The next time I’m expecting a parcel and Tracking shows that it has already arrived in the Philippines, I can simply call the PHLpost hotline for the Proof of Dispatch. No need to wait for the Notice. 😀

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