Sometimes you just won’t have time to stop…

Shutterbug: Evelyn Yap

Shutterbox: Nikon D80 DSLR

Post-shutter processing: nil

Photo of mermaid and merman sculptures
Fuerte Amador sculpture
Photo of dolphin sculpture
Fuerte Amador sculpture

I was escorting a walking tour at Fuerte Amador and the tour guide didn’t stop for these sculptures. We didn’t stop for any sculpture. I guess they’re purely ornamental. Nothing to say about them.

So these photos were actually taken while I was walking past them. That’s right. Didn’t stop walking. I just framed and focused my shot while doing a panning movement with my camera.

You know panning, right? Except that instead of the subject moving in front of me, it was I that was moving past the subject. Of course, I had my exposure ready as we approached these sculptures. 😉

So, can I call this guerrilla photography?

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