Happy me 😃

photo of writing on the wall
The saddest tune I’ve ever heard playing in a coffee shop… “A Time For Us”. Wow. Haven’t heard that tune in ages. In my part of the world, technically, it’s […]

photo of writing on the wall
#BlackScoopCafe The writing on the wall: “Dear people who don’t drink coffee,… How???” “Change the world.Start with coffee.” ☕ “Coffee is always a good idea.”

You know, all this being in touch with a bazillion people regardless of the distance between us is fine and dandy. But it doesn’t, and can never, truly replace an […]

Trying out a new #coffee place — Coffee Project — (even if there’s a #Starbucks store right next door). I looked it up in #Google #Maps before leaving home and […]

bibingka and coffee
Tried out another #bibingka place. Antonio’s. Proper bibingka. 🥞 Decent coffee. ☕ Their bibingka was triple the price of Bibingkinitan’s, but then the serving size is almost triple too. 😋 […]

Coffee is one of life's great perks.
“Coffee is one of life’s great perks.” I agree. 😃 #costa #cafe #coffee

Had a lovely afternoon with an old co-worker. Last time I saw her was 5 years ago. Our little get-together over coffee became 5 hours of coffee + malling + […]

Photo of bibingka (Filipino rice pancake) and coffee in a Bibingkinitan branded paper cup
Bummer. My favorite budget snack place is gone. 😱 😭 ’twas replaced by an Oppo (smartphone) pop-up thingy — because apparently their two-door concept store and a couple of booths […]

Tables with laptops and bags left unattended
What senseless inconsiderate people do: 2 people hogging what could be seating space for 4, leaving their laptops and bags while they sit al fresco eating food purchased from another […]

Photo of bibingka (Filipino rice pancake) and coffee in a Bibingkinitan branded paper cup
My lovely, satisfying snack earlier this afternoon… For under USD 2, I got two small #bibingka served on banana leaf and a cup of #barako #coffee. Bibingka is #Filipino #pancake […]

Wednesday night burger dinner with a friend. She got the sliders and I had the #Backyard Burger, at Pound by Todd English. Later shared a cake and had cappuccinos at […]