On Thursday morning, the Agency sends me a text message saying to pick up my documents for my Friday appointment at VFS Global’s office at Ecoplaza in Makati. The Ecoplaza […]

Travel Visa Application via VFS Global

@KrishnaprasadHa asks: Hello Madam, Am looking for job as cruise Photographer. Am from India and can you suggest me the agencies who hire from India ? @EvelynYap replies: Hello @KrishnaprasadHa. […]

Info as of February 2016 As of this writing, “The MARINA enforces strict rules for personal appearance. All seafarers… must appear physically at the MARINA… for image capturing.” So the […]

Getting your COP at the MARINA

Janz Cindy had more questions… Thank you soo much for replying 🙂 You don’t know how happy I am when I saw your email. .. , … … … , […]

Crew Shoes and Uniform