Photo of a Filipino meal of rice, pork, eggs
I keep telling myself I’m going to start eating #healthy, i.e. more #veggies and less #cholesterol-contributing #foods. But almost always I end up ordering something like this. Today’s brunch was […]

bibingka and coffee
Tried out another #bibingka place. Antonio’s. Proper bibingka. 🥞 Decent coffee. ☕ Their bibingka was triple the price of Bibingkinitan’s, but then the serving size is almost triple too. 😋 […]

Me confundo cuando una palabra en español es similar a una palabra filipina pero tiene diferentes significados. 😶 Almuzar 🇪🇸 = lunch Almusal 🇵🇭 = breakfast Demasiado 🇪🇸 = too […]

Photo of bibingka (Filipino rice pancake) and coffee in a Bibingkinitan branded paper cup
Bummer. My favorite budget snack place is gone. 😱 😭 ’twas replaced by an Oppo (smartphone) pop-up thingy — because apparently their two-door concept store and a couple of booths […]

Tables with laptops and bags left unattended
What senseless inconsiderate people do: 2 people hogging what could be seating space for 4, leaving their laptops and bags while they sit al fresco eating food purchased from another […]

[A slightly shorter version of this post also appears on my Facebook timeline.] Everyone, I urge you to be proactive. Whenever you receive spam SMS or nuisance calls, spare a […]

Fight SPAM, Fight SCAMS

You know how there’s a fee for pretty much everything these days?  Well, I’m making a note here of what costs how much, and which is a better option for […]

Of Banks, Fees and Limits