Watching a Casey Neistat Q&A video on YouTube right now. Q: “How do you surround yourself with the right people?” CN: “What I do … eliminate the bad people.” That’s […]

You know, all this being in touch with a bazillion people regardless of the distance between us is fine and dandy. But it doesn’t, and can never, truly replace an […]

Had a lovely afternoon with an old co-worker. Last time I saw her was 5 years ago. Our little get-together over coffee became 5 hours of coffee + malling + […]

I’d say it was a productive day. Didn’t get exactly what I wanted, but at least my Monday ugh 😣 moment is officially in the past. Which is to say […]

Wednesday night burger dinner with a friend. She got the sliders and I had the #Backyard Burger, at Pound by Todd English. Later shared a cake and had cappuccinos at […]

#dreams #friends An old friend rang me up on Skype earlier but I didn’t get to pick up. Will call her back later — it’s bedtime now on their side […]