How interesting. I received an email from an HR person, via LinkedIn, about applying for a job in Oman as photographer and video specialist. Wow. Oman. 🤗 If this email […]

At the end of my first video gig, I got a free Arcy rootbeer.
Finally! I got a video gig as shooter for a corporate shoot. 😃 Yes, they actually paid me. And the first thing I did after getting my pay was go […]

Photo of someone using a mobile phone
I received a phone call from a mobile number identified by the Truecaller app as “Bgc – Odette”. She said she got my number from a database and was asking […]

Laptop computer
Got an email from HDO via UPL, in response to my job application for CCL Photographer that I emailed, with my resumé attached… back in April. 😶 Three months to […]