Nokia E5-00 Symbian mobile phone
My Cubot smartphone is pretty useless now. Searched high and low. Can’t find a replacement battery. It died while I was about to take a call, even while plugged to […]

a mini keyboard
I bought yet another* mini keyboard. 😱 In my defense, every one of my [three] mini #keyboards is different from the others. This one has regular keys and is wired. […]

Adata HD710 1TB external hard drive
I’ve outgrown my old 320GB Maxtor OneTouch hard drive and got me a 1TB Adata HD710 external hard drive. It’s reasonably priced and is supposed to be waterproof, shockproof, high-speed […]

Who needs waterproof hard drives anyway…

[A slightly shorter version of this post also appears on my Facebook timeline.] Everyone, I urge you to be proactive. Whenever you receive spam SMS or nuisance calls, spare a […]

Fight SPAM, Fight SCAMS

Info as of December 2015 After some research on Panama mobile data, I decided to go for a Movistar SIM with prepaid data. Fortunately, they have a store right at […]

Mobile data in Central America

The life of The Cruising Shutterbug has no weekday/weekend structure. Days of the week don’t mean much and are mostly a blur. It’s also not unusual to lose track of […]

Conveniences for The Cruising Shutterbug

Evelyn is a bit of a nomad.  She goes where the good Lord takes her – which is pretty much anywhere her current residence takes her.  From mid-November 2013 till […]

How to reach Evelyn