Rewatching “The Bourne Legacy” and I’m noticing things… At 03:30~04:00 of the film, 🔥 the whoosh-whoosh sound of the torch Jeremy Renner was waving around to keep the wolves away, […]

Avengers Endgame movie poster
Last night I finally got to watch #Marvel #Avengers #EndGame on the big screen. And… I ain’t telling you nothing about it. 😋 Somebody came and gave away some gummy […]

Finally watched the movie #Searching. The story, the style of filming, the actors. Not bad. Not bad at all. 😀👍 I feel like mentioning or making a note of decent […]

Finally got to watch the movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Me likey. 😃👍 #movies #Netflix Please follow and like

Just watched the movie “Kingdom of Heaven” 😃👍 #OrlandoBloom #JeremyIrons #EvaGreen #LiamNeeson The nice thing about watching on my #gadget versus at the #movies is I can fast forward through […]

“A king may move a man. A father may claim a son. But remember that even when those who move you be kings or men of power, your soul is […]

Signed up for #Netflix… again… after resisting & procrastinating for so long. It’s a lot more economical than getting my #movies from Google Play. Plus, I get to watch some […]

My latest movie rental was “Isle of Dogs” 犬ケ島 🐩. Really liked it. Watched it twice. Would’ve watched it a third time before it expired, but I got preoccupied. #movies […]

Macauley Culkin returns as Kevin McCallister… “Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant” “The Making of Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant” 😃👍 Please follow and like

Watching right now: You’ve Got Mail This movie is so dated. 😱 The sound of a 56k modem.🤪 AOL.😂 I’ve seen it before. Watching it again. A feel-good movie. Cute. […]

Now renting and downloading “Jack Reacher – Never Go Back”. I finished watching the first Jack Reacher #movie last week. Now going for the second one. I normally just go […]

Mortal Engines movie. Read only if you’ve seen it. #MortalEngines in my non expert opinion was very well done & entertaining. 👍 Except that I have this 1 gripe: that […]