#NoteToSelf Never let PayPal do forex (foreign exchange) conversion. Always opt to be charged at the seller’s currency (e.g. USD) and let the local bank do the forex conversion. PayPal […]

#NoteToSelf For MARINA website, LastPass browser + Sun data on mobile phone works. 👍 I don’t understand why the upload function won’t work on PC + Chrome/Edge/Firefox + home WiFi […]

On Thursday morning, the Agency sends me a text message saying to pick up my documents for my Friday appointment at VFS Global’s office at Ecoplaza in Makati. The Ecoplaza […]

Travel Visa Application via VFS Global

Adata HD710 1TB external hard drive
I’ve outgrown my old 320GB Maxtor OneTouch hard drive and got me a 1TB Adata HD710 external hard drive. It’s reasonably priced and is supposed to be waterproof, shockproof, high-speed […]

Who needs waterproof hard drives anyway…

Working and living at sea, sailing from one itinerary to another, ending my day in one port and waking up the next day in another port (sometimes in a different […]

How I Get My Mail While Globetrotting

What to do with my ancient netbook… My little Acer Aspire One netbook is about 7 years old now — so old, its OS was Windows XP. Now that my […]

Installing Linux on My Old Netbook

You know how there’s a fee for pretty much everything these days?  Well, I’m making a note here of what costs how much, and which is a better option for […]

Of Banks, Fees and Limits

Below is how The Cruising Shutterbug got around while roaming the globe… Shuttling between ports and continents by plane (duh) by sea (duh) Germany – Hamburg by taxi Hansa Taxi […]

Rides Around The World