“The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology … raised the status … to an Alert Level 4 late Sunday, local time, indicating a hazardous eruption is possible within hours to […]

In the cesspool that is Facebook… A 🧔 : [re-posts a Tulfo post with no details of what transpired, regarding a doctor that they’re shaming for allegedly being an axxxxxx]F […]

Wow. This neighborhood #Starbucks is finally affected by the water shortage. 🙁 I asked for hot water in a mug in addition to my order of brewed #coffee, and the […]

Photo of two separate fires in the city
Oh no. Two fires in separate locations. Happening right now. 😢 #Philippines #QuezonCity #fire

Bakit ba napaka problematic gamitin ang mga website ng gobyerno natin? I-upload mo daw ang mga dokumento mo. Di naman gumagana. Tatlong browser na ‘yan, ha. Anong browser kaya ang […]

Mukhang nasayang ‘yung binayad ko para sa #expedited #passport. March 8-13 daw ang pickup. March 13 na, pero wala pa rin. Tatawag daw sila pag meron na. Bad trip. Pero, […]

Ah, the long preparations for getting back to #work. 1️⃣ Still waiting for results of #medical. 2️⃣ Need refresher #training for Crowd Management which requires 1️⃣. 3️⃣ Renewing #passport and […]

bibingka and coffee
Tried out another #bibingka place. Antonio’s. Proper bibingka. 🥞 Decent coffee. ☕ Their bibingka was triple the price of Bibingkinitan’s, but then the serving size is almost triple too. 😋 […]