plant care

Goodness. I leave my jade plant in the car for 3 days with no water and already it’s super wrinkled. Aren’t succulents supposed to be able to survive dry conditions? […]

underside of a jade plant's leaves looking a little wrinkled
Noooooo! 😱Why, jade plant, why!?? 😣 I water you every week and now you start wrinkling again?! It normally gets watered 1 or 2 days while indoors, and then stays […]

jade plant with no wrinkled leaves
I am pleased to report that my jade plant is looking better wrinkle-wise, one week after watering. It’s not 100% yet, comparing to when I first got it, when it […]

jade plant in a cup holder attached to a car air vent
Got out of the house and took my jade plant out for a ride with me so it can get more sun. I bought a car air vent cup holder […]

jade plant with wrinkled leaves
Oh no… I just noticed that my little jade plant — botanical name Crassula ovata, also known as money plant or money tree — is looking wrinkled on the underside […]