Ah, the long preparations for getting back to #work. 1️⃣ Still waiting for results of #medical. 2️⃣ Need refresher #training for Crowd Management which requires 1️⃣. 3️⃣ Renewing #passport and […]

Went for my full #medical today. I hope they declare me Fit to Work and Travel. 🤞 #health #fitness #work #travel #ships 🏃🤸 📷 💼 🛫 🛳️ Please follow and […]

I make it to #DFA in time before the Courtesy Lane cutoff. But they tell me I need an #OEC or some other proof of being an active #seafarer — […]

Finally. Making real progress with my job hunt. Actually got a response that’s not vague. I may actually get this job — that is if nothing else better comes before […]

@gregowicz I would like to keep working/living on #ships. I’m not so picky with the position or title, though lately I’d been yearning for a more grownup #job than #photography […]

Ever heard of the #RedCross Lifeline Kit? It means having the Basics* needed to #survive in case you’re forced to suddenly #evacuate. #Working on #ships, it’s drilled into us #crew […]

@RaccoonWillie No rodents. No roaches. #Ships must be very clean. Yes, it can happen that #sea birds will hang around like vultures while we’re having our BBQ event out on […]

You know how there’s a fee for pretty much everything these days?  Well, I’m making a note here of what costs how much, and which is a better option for […]

Of Banks, Fees and Limits

jetskiing and a cruise ship
Shutterbug: Song Chuang Shutterbox: Nikon DSLR Post-shutter processing: nil, except for some cropping by The Cruising Shutterbug The Cruising Shutterbug goes jet skiing in Cabo San Lucas! And that’s Celebrity […]

Jet Skiing at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Photo of a dolphin
Shutterbug: Evelyn Yap Shutterbox: Nikon D80 DSLR Post-shutter processing: nil, except for some Cropping because I didn’t have the right lens and you’d be looking at little black smudges if […]

Dolphins at the British Columbia Inside Passage

Photo of Evelyn going down a zipline
Shutterbug: Evelyn Yap Shutterbox: Nikon D80 DSLR Post-shutter processing: just a tad of Color Pop on some photos ZipRider at Icy Strait Point is the world’s longest and highest zipline […]

ZipRider at Icy Strait Point, Hoonah, Alaska