Bummer. I tried out an app that will #hide #phone #contacts from other #apps. Very basic app. It imported all my contacts and also removed everything from my default Contacts […]

Looks like they got their system running again. And they’re starting with the 9-10am online appointments. It’ll be awhile before they get to my batch. It’s 2:30 now. Time for […]

So I’m at MARINA for my appointment to renew my seaman’s book. Security guy says they’re having technical difficulties. Since morning. I thought he meant there was a #glitch in […]

Spent over an hour today lost in Marikina + Antipolo. Helpful staff at RD Marikina very kindly and helpfully told me that RD Antipolo is in a building across SM […]

I don’t know what’s up with my gadgets and browsers. Today, the MARINA website is working fine on my PC+Chrome. 😶 #technology 😱

Strange. Someone I’ve never met has me in his Contacts (the To: field in his email showed my full name + email address) and accidentally added me in his email […]

#NoteToSelf For MARINA website, LastPass browser + Sun data on mobile phone works. 👍 I don’t understand why the upload function won’t work on PC + Chrome/Edge/Firefox + home WiFi […]

Bakit ba napaka problematic gamitin ang mga website ng gobyerno natin? I-upload mo daw ang mga dokumento mo. Di naman gumagana. Tatlong browser na ‘yan, ha. Anong browser kaya ang […]

Learning #Spanish. #Duolingo says to use “odio” in a sentence. Got some help with Microsoft #Translator… Odio cuando la gente ve videos con sonidos fuertes en sus teléfonos celulares. ¡Deben […]