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January 2020. Week 2. Progress report for my goals this year 2020. Make #100CrappyVideos >> 4 videos completed so far ✔ Shoot more photos >> Nil. Phone camera snapshots don’t […]

Rewatching “The Bourne Legacy” and I’m noticing things… At 03:30~04:00 of the film, 🔥 the whoosh-whoosh sound of the torch Jeremy Renner was waving around to keep the wolves away, […]

small potted jade plant
A 2-minute interview with Zenny. An exercise in Documentary Filmmaking, video editing by Evelyn Yap.


A 2-minute video edited by Evelyn Yap, made as part of a workshop on Video Editing at the SHOOT! Practical Videography School.

THE WEAVER as edited by Evelyn