Crappy Video #010 Watch and Learn
Featured in this video: Director EJ Mijares Albert Nielsen Bigornia a random stray cat ⚠️ Shot with 3 different crappy #cameras. ✅ NEW intro and slightly edited outro ✅ Play […]

CRAPPY VIDEO #010 | Watch and Learn

Ring flash or ring lights are overrated. 🙄 They are indeed great for certain styles of photography. Now… I’d like to watch your video and hear what you have to […]

Boya wired lavalier microphone
Yay! The store replaced the defective Boya wired lavalier microphone that I bought a month ago, after I had my first video gig. I thought they were going to give […]

Shoot with passion
My goals for 2020 are to make #100CrappyVideos, take more photos, work in video editing, build my business and improve my Spanish. Mis propositós para 2020 son hacer 100 vídeos, […]

My goals for the year 2020 :-)

At the end of my first video gig, I got a free Arcy rootbeer.
Finally! I got a video gig as shooter for a corporate shoot. 😃 Yes, they actually paid me. And the first thing I did after getting my pay was go […]

small potted jade plant
A 2-minute interview with Zenny. An exercise in Documentary Filmmaking, video editing by Evelyn Yap.


A 2-minute video edited by Evelyn Yap, made as part of a workshop on Video Editing at the SHOOT! Practical Videography School.

THE WEAVER as edited by Evelyn