For about a decade now, I’d been maintaining two different WordPress installations because I wanted a clear distinction between my main personal site and a site that I had created […]

Merging two WordPress websites

screenshot of Questions Answered site
I’m about to merge my main personal WordPress site with my Questions Answered. I hope I don’t mess things up… 🤞

After a long time putting up with the old ICS Calendar plugin, I finally went searching for newer, better calendar plugins. I tried three others before finding and settling for […]

A Better WordPress Calendar

Pardon the mess. I’ve decided to consolidate my main site and my old photo moblog. Very slowly moving stuff from the old moblog to the main site’s new category “Snapshots“. […]

Moving furniture @

August 2013. I have decided to switch to a different webhost and am in the process of transferring web pages. It’s going to take a while. Pardon the mess and […]

Website undergoing maintenance